Mythoard Monthly Hoard

Join us every month as we share with you the latest collectibles, roleplaying games, RPG accessories, dice and scenarios. Curated by Jarrod Shaw, this monthly hoard focuses on Old School Roleplaying games with OD&D and AD&D rules that will bring you back to the old days.

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What do you get in a monthly Hoard?

Mythoard #30 The Necromage crate contained death, magic, corruption and destruction! This crate comes packed with Judges Guild Journal #13, Art of the Genre Folio #11, The Red Room one page adventure by Jared Daniel Nielsen, a hand crafted magic scroll for S&W Magic Missile complete with wax sigil by Loveti Cosplay, a Raise Undead magic ring by Loveti Cosplay, a Necromage full color illustration by Joel Holtzman, 2 Hex20 basic dungeon tiles to add to your collection, 4 black obsidianite cursed death tokens with velveteen dice bag by Dwarven Crate, Knights of the Dinner Table comic #112 by Jolly Blackburn, and a sample Game Masters Toolbox Critical Fail Deck card by Nord Games LLC. Subscribe today so you don't miss the next box!


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Mythoard #28

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Mythoard #26