Cthulhu Crate by Kenneth Hite

This elite exclusive monthly crate is curated by industry illuminary Kenneth Hite. Each month you will explore the Cthulhu Mythos with artifacts, clues, adventures, games, and accessories with each monthly box. Whether you are a cultist or an explorer, your knowledge of the Old One, Miskatonic University, and R'lyeh will thrill you and your friends. Join today!

You can explore our featured plans below but we recommend the annual subscription which will save you a lot of money because it comes with FREE Shipping to the US!

What do you get in a monthly Crate?

Cthulhu Crate #1 The final Crate #1 assortment! This Cthulhu Crate contains the Conarium PC Game, The Chaosium Investigator's Handbook, a Hex20 Hex Deck Castle containing 13 unique Basic Dungeon Hex Tiles, a Dragon Eye Dice Bag containing seven Dwarven Crate marbled polyhedral dice (with century die), a Loveti Cosplay serpentine ivy incense burner, five cursed obsidian counter tokens, a Cultist Membership Ring, a Campaign Coins Innsmouth coin sample, an Occult UV Secret Illuminator, an encrypted and decrypted prop letter for Algon and the Sky-Girl adventure with authentic Cthulhu Cultist wax seal, and an 8 page letter from Evelyn Rice documenting the start of the campaign in the Siege of Kut where the story of Algon and the Sky-Girl were first discovered. Where will the clues lead them?