Dwarven Crate

This value priced monthly crate is by far the best way to find unique dice and build your dice collection. This box contains a mystery assortment of metal dice, custom forged dice from our own Dwarven masters, dice boxes, dice towers, polyhedral, 30s, 50s, 100s, crazy designs, marbled polyhedrals, and much more. Join Today!

You can explore our featured plans below but we recommend the annual subscription which will save you a lot of money because it comes with FREE Shipping to the US!

What do you get in a monthly Crate?

Dwarven Crate #1 Deep from the depths of the mountains, wise and aged masters struck magic into the materials mined from their caverns. Our traders have returned and are pleased to present five legacy dice circa 1999 that remained from a Gencon Koplow Games Warehouse shipment, a UV dice inspector light, our gold marbled polyhedral dice, black slate blue marbled dice, a magic dragon defense ring, six basic dungeon Hex20 tiles, a Dragon Eye leather dice bag, and our late arriving aged bronze solid metal polyhedral dice. We think this is a great assortment to add to your collection! Tell your friends and subscribe today!